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Bruce Brown - Athletic Director

PROACTIVE COACHING <-- Who is Bruce Brown?
Parent expectations vs. players expectations
Why are your playing?  (Or, why is your kid playing?)
Goal for season?
What does a successful season look like?
What are your expectations for the season?
What is your role on the team (or, your kid's role)
If the answers are different between parent and player, "drop mine, accept theirs".
The players  first answer is always "fun/enjoyment". 
If you think your kid is getting an athletic scholarship, spend 3 hours in the library, there are 100 more academic scholarships then athletic.
Release them to the game:
Support and encourage...but, this is YOUR (the players) thing.
If they have a problem with the coach, teach them how to talk to an authority figure (obviously, this would be for older players.  I don't expect an 8 year old to do this)
I like the discussion on "objective" versus "subjective" sports.
Model Appropriate Behavoir:
Model poise and confidence!!!!!!
"if the player is looking at have not released them to the game"
One instructional voice!!! (voice of the coach)
Be encourager (sp) and supporter...provide enthusiasm
There are 4 roles in sports:  Spectator, Coach, official, participant...CHOOSE ONE!  
Time and space:
Two questions...I think these should be asked of every player at the end of the season:
What has been your MOST enjoyable part of the experience?
What has been your LEAST enjoyable part of the experienc?
After the game:  LEAVE THEM ALONE....(goes for coaches and parents)
The more competitive the sport, the more time and space they need.  
"I love watching you play"...what a great thing to say!
The "yellow card" and "red card" at the end is funny.
"When adults behave like children, children don't learn to become adults".




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