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FC Man United Culture

FC Man United Culture
Success is not defined by wins, medals or trophies. Success is defined by self-satisfaction. Achieving self-satisfaction is defined by; permanently chasing perfection. You can never play to your absolute fullest potential but if you always work as hard as you can and continuously prepare yourself you will be successful on the field and in life.
Principles of Success
1.       Hard work
                                                               i.      There is no substitute for hard work
A)     Give it your best and let results take care of themselves
B)      Remember that Luck and Hard Work usually go hand in hand
2.       Preparation
                                                               i.      Falling to prepare is preparing to fail.
A)     Practice, Practice, Practice
B)      Work on your weakness and play to your strengths
3.       Class
                                                               i.      Respect every opponent but fear none
A)     Play with confidence not arrogance
a)      Help opponent up after physical play
                                                             ii.      Treat others as you would want to be treated
A)     Respect Referees, opposing fans, teammates.
        iii.   Pick up after yourself
A)     Throw your trash away and pick up after yourself (especially if you’re the visiting team)
4.       Learn
                                                               i.      “Be a Sponge”
A)     Allow yourself to get coached by coaches and peers
                                        ii.     Learn from your mistakes
A)    Mistakes are inevitable and it’s what we do after mistakes that   matters.
5.        Punctual
                                                               i.      Be on time
A)     If your not early your late
        ii.     Look the part
                                `                      A)    look professional if you want to play professionally
                                       iii. Do the little things
A)    If you add up all of the inches at the end of the day that will be what    separate you from being successful or not.
6.    Character
                                           i.      Compete
       A)    You don’t have to win but you must compete
                                         ii.    Play your game
                                                       A)     Worry less about your opponent and more about playing your best
        iii.    Don’t be a robot
                     A)      Be an individual team player
                                                a)            Make decisions on your own but remember that there   could be consequences
        iv.   Emotions
A)           Don’t let your stress get the best of you
                                a)            Learn to play your best while emotions are high. Rise to the occasion
7.    Enjoy
         i.     Have Fun
 A)      Always remember that it is a game. Players don’t play to their maximum potential when playing angry, frustrated or irritated.





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